a concert is a concert is a concert

If  classical music's repertoire is performed in a concert, we usually already know what the music will sound like. Maybe we await any slight difference of musical interpretation or we are curiuos about the tempo a conductor takes. But to all intents and purposes it is quite  clear what we will hear if we already know the composition. Considering this, is the listening to classical music a matter of knowing cultural artifacts, which are just resuscitated for our aesthetic pleasure? Maybe there is something else. 
Music is audible, because it is engendered by musicians who play music. Right now. Their dedicated act of producing all the wonders of sounds, pitches and rhythms is an act of art itself. Not because of the art of interpretation or virtousic abilities, but because they do it at this instant in a totally unrepeatable way. Tomorrow it will be different. The room will sound different, the allover mood will be different.  A concert can be only magic, if the ultimate  presence of an act of playing is as much celebrated as the music itself. 

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