Music and Mimicry

Music and Mimikry

Music is supposed be an original version, because originals are precious and worth to talking about. And, of course, a matter
of the so-called copyright - due to economic matters.

Yet, as regards aesthetic matters, there is no music, which is original. It is individual, possibly, and hopefully beautiful in its appearance.
Besides of that music is the biggest mimicry we can imagine. It exists, because something existed before, which could be imitated and changed by imitation. No one knows the very point of its beginning. That my sound trivial, but it is not: Any stylistic invention is developed by variation of earlier musical styles. But this variation does not just consist of only slight changes of the musical material which has rendered its basic ideas for the new composition. Variation of a past style consists of eager mimicry, pretending to be something totally new, something, which is better and more fitting to the actual moments of today's needs. This is absolutely true, because every 'now' needs something which seems to be only built for now.

Music's evanescence is the origin of its beauty. And every beauty is imitated again and again. It has to be devoted mimicry,
because otherwise we wouldn't have any point to refer to. And we wouldn't have any benchmark telling us, if something is beautiful or not.

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