Strict Talk with Music

Tell me.

    Are you serious?

        Of course? Then why are you playing? You say you’re gonna play for us. Not with us. But then why can't you talk seriously and explain the world to us? To make us all feel better, in feeling someone is serious about us in this strange world.

Instead (and if you just like it) you play "Once upon a time in the West".  A melody, which presumes to play a “Song of Death“ (the German title of it).  And even for this very theme you want to play a play about death, enriched with notes and tones? Is that your idea of seriousness? Or do you just don’t want to be serious?

        Dear Music,

perhaps your seriousness lies in the fact that you can only play (with) it. That is your way of seriousness. To be truely serious is not your concern, nor your goal. So, please, tell me: Yes or No…Should a play ever be serious? Why should it be ever serious? Then it will no longer stay to be a play. It's been turned – into a game. Maybe a bad game. Thus, all of us (of our music..) will not be able to play (it) – seriously.  No, it can’t.  We can’t. It’s not the truth, isn’t it? Well, ok! Let’s say: “Serious music“, as it is called in German, is actually a paradox.

        Your play may be serious because we know we can't play with emotions. We must not play with them if we want to be serious in our musical play. For it is not a game with music. It is a musical play. So music is a serious play with (and around) our feelings when they yearn to be expressed seriously.
        It is, as if these emotions cannot only be felt, but have to be thought, too, to be serious, in musical thoughts. Music is about serious feelings to be playfully contemplated. They are played like this to ensure they can be serious.
        A serious play –
        Therefore, music is a kind of playfully thinking-feeling, or vice versa, a feeling-thinking, if it is played. That's why she, our love, can only play, while being musically – itself.
        That's how it works. And thus we can’t get serious either, if we are driven by thinking (about) our feelings. That would be a serious step towards self-deception. Rather, we can be serious in feeling our thinking. But here too, a playful approach would win out.
        For human perception as a whole and as an interplay (!) between perception, cognition and emotion is far too complex to be serious for all these sorts of seriousness. Human perception is able to play, like music, but it does not play a game. It plays a serious and playful play. Like music.

        It's true: The real serious things in life are so sophisticated that they can only be brought to existence in a real play. In this context alone they can find their expression, find their way into the world of consciousness through a way of ›emergence‹.

        At least, for the real serious things, there is some playful music to speak seriously, to speak honestly. Because if not... everything would be much too hard. Marvelous musical tones are, fascinatingly enough, a perceivable, emotional, playfully-invented something. They address all of us, and that is why they are so magnificent. They cause us to feel and to think, when we perceive and listen to their music.

        But the sensitive strengh of music is also a reason why it can easily be mistreated. Therefore, music needs any respected shelter of the "sanctuary" again. Only from there it can safely migrate into the world to perform either in a "complex-mental" or in a  “playfully-physical“  way … of life. Only from there it can be serious, for all of us.

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