Improvisation is another word for wonders to come

We work on new ideas and new ways for interpreting classical music. On other concepts of musical improvisation. These might include changing contexts or entirely new approaches, if these are even still possible. For whatever’s ‘new’ has mostly been done before, even if it’s been repackaged for a new millennium. That’s why we focus more on finding the “unexpectedly thrilling” aspect to a piece and hearing it in ways never before heard. Because there are all sorts of musical material out there in the form of both composed and improvised music in every style imaginable. Whole archives of sounds that have not yet been fully explored in all their permutations.


Our recordings are therefore offered in intentionally limited editions. Each is individually designed and signed by the artist. In an age of infinite reproduction and an over-abundance of media everywhere we look, we are interested in the LITTLE THINGS – those endangered species that can flourish once again. Previously undiscovered little gems that cannot be fatally over-replicated even after their discovery. All of this, of course, is idealistic and that’s how we mean it. We hope that you’ll decide to go on your own journey of discovery or join us as go on ours in these projects.